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IVAs / Bankruptcy / Repossession (biggest impact on rate)

See also impact of payday loans later in this article

4. The number of credit issues you have

Another key factor in calculating mortgage rates for bad credit customers is the total number of credit issues registered against the applicants' credit file. It kind of goes without saying, someone who has shown to miss multiple payments over a...

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Re-Mortgaging With An Active DMP - 1st UK Mortgages

Debt Management Plans (DMP) can be a good solution to your debt problems.

Unlike IVAs ( Individual Voluntary Arrangements ) a Debt Management Plan is not legally binding.

Therefore, legal action can still be taken by creditors to recover debts owed. With an IVA, those are legally binding.

That being said, when it comes to accessing finance, you'll quickly find you've a nightmare on your hands.


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Loans for Applicant with Bad Credit -

Mortgage Loans for Borrowers with Low Credit Scores or Bad Credit

Q. I have had bad credit problems in the past. Will this affect my ability to obtain an FHA, conventional or sub-prime mortgage loan?

A. In evaluating an application for a mortgage loan an applicant's credit history will be considered as one element in determining the applicant's qualification for the...

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Date: 2013-09-23 14:31:33

Getting a mortgage with a default | Online Mortgage Advisor

How quickly can I get a mortgage after defaults?

Can I get a mortgage with a default?

Yes, absolutely. It all depends on the lenders criteria at the time of application, but generally there are several specialists who approve mortgages for people who have defaults as part of their core business. The important thing to remember is that every lender is different - some specialise in low rates and...

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Remortgage With Bad Credit - 1st UK Brokers

Vida Home Loans

Magellan Home Loans

Different lenders take on different risk levels. The above are just some of select lenders 1st UK work with that do approve bad credit homeowner loans when the banks and building societies refuse.

Alternatives for borrowing do exist regardless of what is included in your past debt history.

It can be very difficult remortgaging with bad credit and arrears, and...

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